Aldine aan het filmen bij Reset Home

Aldine Reinink (1976) was born in the Netherlands, studied Roman languages and lived and worked for 10 years in Belgium. After many years in marketing, PR and advertising, she started in 2014 to realise her long-cherished dream to create documentaries.

Under the flag of her company Looks Like A Plan, she develops and produces documentaries independently and in collaboration with third parties.

More information:

Reset crew

direction, script and camera
Aldine Reinink

Peter Morris
Aldine Reinink

sound engineer
Thomas Van Baelen

sound design
Peter Morris

additional camera
Jose Huedo

additional sound
Johan Maertens
Aldine Reinink

Aldine Reinink – Looks Like A Plan
Peter Lories – GRID

executive producer
Michiel van Deursen
Mark Mertens

Grid VFX

color correction
Frank Temmerman

graphic design
Jeroen Desmet
Chris Van Osselaer

Daan – Icon

Jonas Lampens

design poster
Tommy Simoens